What services do you offer? I don't offer services, i'm not a car repair. What i offer are  e x p e r i e n c e s.  

What is girlfriend experience(GFE) ? A "girlfriend experience" generally involves more personal interaction . There is a focus on not just having sex, but also having more of a comprehensive experience.  The girlfriend experience might include activities such as kissing, holding hands, attending an event together, eating dinner together, talking, or having sex. With the girlfriend experience, the sex is more intimate and more personal than a typical sexual experience with a sex worker.

What is porn star experience (PSE) ? This kind of sexual transaction varies from the Girlfriend Experiences . Activities include acts that are common in mainstream pornography, but less so in real-life sexual relationships. These include things like exaggerated moaning and dirty talk, difficult and adventurous sexual positions, anal sex, deep throating oral (possibly to the point of gagging), facial or body ejaculation, spanking, BDSM and other fetishes, or using sex toys.  *I do not offer PSE.

Do you see couples? I cater to gentlemen and couples. No matter of your disability, weight, religion or race. If you screen, are respectful and value hygiene I am happy to see you. 

How to book/arrange a date?    Best to make arrangements in advance so we won't miss each other and this way I can prepare accordingly for our rendezvous.   

Ways to book a date:

  * Fill a booking form 

  * Send me an email northern_comp@protonmail.com 

Ways how to NOT book a date:

Send me a text message without any information. Video call me at 3 am in the morning.

Text messages like "hi"  "you avail" will be ignore. I don't do small talk with strangers. 

Do you have any rules?  You can ask me almost anything, but please no questions about my private life like kids, boyfriends or my parents UNLESS I bring it up myself.  No photos allowed without my permission.  

Screening :  

  • Two references of verified companions you have seen in the past year. 

  • If you have not seen anyone before me, don’t worry! I can also screen you with a government issued ID and your work information. I will need you to email me from your work email to verify that it is indeed you whom I am talking to.

     For new friend's a 24-48 hour booking notice is required as I will need that time to verify you.

Deposits :  .... just because time is precious and for my safety and comfort.  Depending on the length of the booking I will require 10-20 % upfront. (This will go towards your session).  There are several discrete methods available. If I have accepted lastminute booking then no deposit will be required. Only Uber if its an outcall.

Fly Me To You: 50% of the entire booking fee PLUS full flight, travel & accommodation costs is required for all Fly Me to You bookings.

Cancellations: Deposits are not refundable unless I have to cancel, what rarely happens.  If you cancel more than 48 hours before our date we can use your deposit for another date.

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